Producer: Annabel Tiu

Director: Gwai Lou

Script: Gwai Lou

Cinematographer: Abudin Abdullah

Art Director: David Yáñez

Editor: David Yáñez

Sound Designer: Elijah Basset

music: Tom Robertshaw

Cast: Yon Lynn Tan, Karanbir Hundal


Natasha and Aaron work as engineers in the public sewerage system of Kuala Lumpur. Their job is not much fun, just looking at maps and making calculations about the monsoon rainfall patterns. While checking some documents in the archives, Natasha discovers a strange circular pattern in one of the maps. The pattern repeats itself in all the data collected in the area again and again. Thinking that it´s some kind of embezzlement to hide fake research costs she confronts the author, Aaron, who is forced to reveal the true nature of the anomaly. Baffled by the discovery, but unable to deny the evidence of the strange event, Natasha decides to step into the abyss and joins forces with Aaron to investigate the event. The challenge the discovery poses over what we know about our world is too great to pass up. Even if they have to put their whole lives at stake.

Financial Support

self-produced film.


2022 - Cinelebu - Official Selection - Chile

2022 - Sanfici - Official Selection - Colombia

2021 - Jakarta Film Week - Global Short non-competition, Indonesia

2021 - Aguilar del Campoo - Castilla y León section, Spain

2021 - Parallel - Sci-Fi International Festival (Colombia)

2020 - Diorama Film Bazaar, Official Selection, India (5 min version)

2021 | 17 mins | English with small parts in Malay