A jungle-punk web series set in a post-nuclear world. 10 episodes fueled by survival instinct

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In a dystopian future, after the collapse of society, the world has become a desolate and hostile place where there is no room for the weak. Females, almost extinct, are the most precious resource for the tribes, and violence is the new currency.

The series consists of standalone episodes which interconnect the paths of different survivors and their daily struggle for survival in this new world.


World War III lasted two hours. In just two hours the world we knew became nothing. Miles and miles of nothing… No one remembers exactly how it all happened... Females started to die in mass from a new kind of cancer, men became wild and nihilistic… Soon the jungle took over the radioactive wasteland and from the rubble arise a new world.

Now, the few who survived the atomic orgy wander aimlessly through the radioactive Garden of Eden the planet has become, fighting each other for food, knowledge, and hope.

Scrap Metal is a science fiction web series set in a world in which the atomic aftermath has plunged mankind into a new dark age. The series consists of standalone episodes which interconnect the paths of different survivors and their day-by-day struggle for survival.

Halfway between science fiction, grimdark and cosmic horror, Scrap Metal aims to offer something unlike anything seen before in the genre: true humanity.

The series delves deep into themes of solitude, community, and survival, these three concepts clash endlessly in the aftermath.The characters are forced to make difficult choices in a world where the old rules no longer apply. They must decide whether to band together with others or wander by themselves, and whether to focus on their own survival or help others.


When I was a kid I read The Scarlet Plague by Jack London. Since then I have been totally infatuated with the idea of a post-apocalyptic world in which culture and knowledge erase gradually dragging mankind inevitably into a sort of new iron age. Later came Mad Max, Waterworld and Fallout, and many other films, books, and video games. After college, I plucked up the courage and shot my own personal vision of the apocalypse, a short film called The Wanderer that traveled to many film festivals and received a dozen of international awards. Now, with years of experience on my back, I undertake the task of expanding that dream world to frontiers that I did not even dare to imagine before, and only can do it now because I am not alone, I have an army of dreamers standing by my back as passionate about this world as me.


Our story is set in the former Southest Asia territories where a suffocating and visceral jungle has taken over the old cities.

We have developed what we call jungle-punk, a thrilling genre that combines untamed wilderness with the anarchist spirit of punk culture and futuristic technology in an explosive fusion where makeshift weapons meet tribal face paint. In this universe, survival has become an art of self-expression, and tribes of daring individuals forge unique alliances to navigate the untamed wilds and chaotic cityscapes. Far from the post-nuclear wasteland of films and video-games such as Mad Max or Fallout, this Southeast Asian wasteland is a radioactive labyrinth of vines and decomposing trees, full of poisonous vermin.


The series follows the misadventures of a chain of survivors: men who lost everything but their memories of the past and its high-tech relics; religious fanatics of the Naga Cult, women who miraculously escaped mutant cancer and now hide from a worse-than-death destiny from looters, slave traders, and the so-called Children of the Atom, tribes of savages born after the fall of the cities whose spread seems unstoppable.