Many Pieces of Something

Producer: David Yáñez

Director: David Yáñez

Script: David Yáñez

Cinematographer: Carlos González

Art Director: Ainhoa Sánchez

Editor: Iván Castell

Sound Designer: Daniel Gracia

music: Natalia Lafourcade, Rapsusklei & Flow Fanatics, Dead Combo, The Faith Keepers, Touchwood y Fee Reega

Cast: Saúl Blasco, Laura Contreras, Javier Zapater, Alba Gallego, Víctor Vázquez, Macarena Buera, Isabel Pérez, Roberto Millán & Fee Reega


In the absence of anything better to pass the time, as finding a job today seems almost impossible (even more if you’re an artist), a group of friends try to survive another summer in the city surrendering to self-pity, existential angst, and drugs. This situation changes drastically when they hear about the line-up of their favorite music festival, promising indie-rock and excess in equal shares. Suddenly, knowing that they’ll be seeing each other there, they all try to make the most ludicrous plans to “fix” their lives.

Financial Support

self-produced film.


2015 - XVIII MALAGA FF - Official Selection Zonazine, Spain

2015 - II NOVELISIMO - Audience Award, Spain

2015 - V SPANISHCHES FF BERLIN- Official Selection, Germany

2015 - XX FZC -Out of competition, Spain

2016 - I FILMMAKER IFF - Official Selection, Spain

2015 - IV UGU IFF -Official Selection, South Africa

2016 - Proyectaragon, Out of Competition, Spain

2019 - Artist and Aliens Film Festival, Finland

2015 | 104 mins | Spanish

(Original title: Muchos pedazos de algo)