Desaparecer (Disappear)

Producer: Eduardo P. Goñi and Gwai Lou

Director: Gwai Lou

Script: Gwai Lou

Cinematographer: Gwai Lou, Daniel Vergara and Kike Ineva

Art Director: Rosa Monserrat, Inés solé and Tania Santos

Editor: David Yáñez

Sound Designer: Manuel Álvarez and David Yáñez

Music: Lovers Turn To Monsters

Cast: Javier Zapater, Saúl Blasco, Laura Contreras, Mireia Sabadell, Sonia Deluís, Alba Gallego, Víctor Vázquez y Pepe Gross


Disappear talks about the acceptance of death as a decisive step towards adulthood, and specifically about this "passage ritual" in the "Millennial" generation; since they have had to grow up seeing life through a screen. Disappear is the story of a group of twenty-year-olds who, in their prime, are shattered by a car accident in which one of them dies. All those shards make up a fresco which, in the style of jazz improvisation, aims to portray something as personal and universal as the uncertain passage from youth to adulthood. The moment when you are able to see your life from the other side; in this case, from the other side of the video screen. Disappear is an elegy about youth. Life itself is a sort of elegy. The expression "Law of Life" defines it concisely: life hurts, but you don't know that when you're young. It is death that teaches us this. At the same time, in this film, I try to explore the different ways of accepting the grief of a generation whose emotional education is built around technology and screens. The first generation that is both an actor and a spectator of itself at the same time.

Financial Support

self-produced film.


2021 - Rizoma Film Festival - Parallel Section - Spain

2021 Madrid Film Festival PNR - Official Selection - Spain

2021 The Future Archives Film Series - Official Selection - USA

2021 - UGU Film Festival - Official Selection - South Africa

2021 Picknic Film Festival - Official Selection - Spain

2020 Cineramabc - Special Prize of the Jury -Brazil

2020 | 99 mins | Spanish with small parts in French