Producer: María Cruz Barroso and David Yáñez

Director: David Yáñez

Script: David Yáñez

Cinematographer: Carlos González

Art Director: María Novella

Editor: Carlos Ena and David Yáñez

Sound Designer: Víctor Garrido and Nacho Moya

music: Luis Ferreiro

Cast: Alina Nastase, Kai Wu and Valentina Acevedo


Wang Li-Sheng has met a Spanish girl on the Internet and has decided to leave everything behind and live his love story in Spain. Things don’t work out the way he expected and he eventually ends up with no girlfriend, no money and no passport, so he has to get by as an illegal immigrant in a country he knows nothing about. About the film: A movie is much more than a script (even if some people stay in denial). filmmaking is not about transcribing words into images. A movie is made with emotions, that’s the truly unique characteristic of cinema. Cinema allows us, for about two hours, to feel ome else’s emotions, being others. “Je est un autre” as Arthur Rimbaud said. For filmmakers many times filmmaking allow us to be who we were. To turn memories into solid state. Side-B is a story about three youngsters coming from different parts of the world who are brought together by fate (or maybe fate and cassette tapes). I put on this film many of my experiences about living in different countries and cultures, about feeling a foreigner, about being alone in crowded places (It's very easy to feel loneny in a big city) and about meeting other foreigners as lonely as me. I think many of my stories talk about this actually. Mostly because "this" is kind of what my life is about.

Financial Support

self-produced film.


2019 Ariano International Film Festival (Italy) - Official Selection

2019 Madriff International Film Festival (Spain) - Official Selection

2018 Cinepobre Film festival (Cuba) - Best self-funded film

2017 Salón Internacional de la Luz (Argentina) - Official Selection

2017 Jagran International Film Festival, (India) - Official Selection

2017 | 100 mins | Spanish and Mandarin Chinese